Mozingo Policies & Updates

Nearly all of our basic, need-to-know policies are in the Frequently Asked Questions and on the details page for each amenity (RV Camping, Tent Camping, Family Cabins, Group Camp, Shelters, Golf, Event Center). But for those needing more detailed information on our policies and ordinances, please check out the following:


Mozingo Lake Ordinances (Chapter 212)

Ord. 8366 Amend Ch. 212- Mozingo



Newest Updates

City Council Action Report – 3/21/2021

Changes to policies/ordinances related to golf cart use within the park; fishing tournaments; RV Camping (time limits, payment of fees, wastewater, etc); memorials; and Mozingo Lake Recreation Park overall payment structure.

Council Action Report-Chapter 212 Mozingo (March 2021)