Answers to your questions

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions below for your convenience. Please contact us if you have further questions.

  • How early can I place a reservation for an RV Site?

    RV Reservations can be placed six months in advance to your date of arrival. For example, if you are looking to reserve for August 28, 2022 through August 30th, 2022, you may reserve it as early as February 28, 2021.

    • I need to cancel my reservation. How do I go about doing so?

      For cancellations for Reserved or Equestrian RV bookings, please e-mail us at to let us know. Cancellations subject to the following Cancellation Policy:

    • – Cancellations placed 60+ Days in advance will receive 100% of their rental back
    • – Cancellations placed 59-15 Days in advance will be penalized by 25%; the remaining 75% will be refunded back to the customer
    • – Cancellations placed 0-14 Days in advance will be non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All bookings for Primitive Tent Camping and the Main RV Campground are non-refundable.
  • Are pets allowed in the RV Parks?

    Yes! Guests are allowed to bring their pets to the RV Park. All pets must be leashed at all times when they are not within the unit; or properly contained to the site by a kennel or fence. All guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and assuring they do not disrupt the stay of a neighboring site.

    (Note: If a guest intends to visit individuals in the Family Cabins, please note dogs are not allowed anywhere inside or on the units.)

  • Can I place a tent on my site?


    Yes! Guests staying in the RV Park may place one (1) tent in addition to their recreational vehicle; or two tents maximum if there is no recreational vehicle of any sort on the site.

  • Do your sites have water and electricity?


    Sites 1-67 in our non-reservable section and Sites 76-95 in our reserved section have both water and electricity. Sites 68-75 only have electricity.

    Please call us at 660-562-2323 for additional details on utilities available at the Equestrian RV Park.

  • Do your sites have sewage hookups?


    No, our sites only offer water and electricity. However, there is a dump station on site for guests to use, which is located next to the showers and restrooms in the non-reservable section.

  • Does it cost extra to set up a pool or slip ‘n slide?


    Yes! Guests wanting to set up small pools, slip n’ slides, or just use the water for outdoor activities will need to purchase an Excessive Water Use Permit, which is $5 per day in addition to one’s daily rate. These slips may be picked up at the Information Booth or at the Park Maintenance Building.

  • What time is check-in and check-out?


    Check-in for those who have reserved an RV site is 3:00pm. Those staying in our non-reservable section may come in at anytime after 6am, as all of our sites in this area are ‘first come, first served.’

    Check out is at 3:00pm for all RV sites. Units remaining in the sites after 1:00pm will need to pay for an additional day or vacate the site prior to that time.

  • Can I reserve an RV Site in the Non-Reservable Section (Sites 1-75)


    No! These sites are available to guests on a first come, first served basis. Only Sites 76-95 at our Reserved RV Campground and Sites 301-313 at our Equestrian RV Park are reservable.

  • The Information Booth was closed when we arrived. Where do I go to pay?


    Please visit the Camp Host (Main RV Campground, Site #1) to pay for sites 8pm-10pm May-October. No arrivals permitted after 10pm; please plan on arriving the following day. All sites must attain a ‘PAID-RV’ tag from the Information Booth and/or Camp Host before occupying a site.

  • I need to shorten my stay by a couple of days. Can I receive a refund for the remainder of my stay?


    All bookings and/or reservations are non-refundable for RV and Tent camping once their stay has begun. It is recommended that guests only pay for the number of days that they know they will be staying.

    Those paying by the day will need to renew their reservations before 1pm and update their site markers.

  • How many people are allowed at each campsite?


    Guests may have up to six people reside at their campsite overnight.

  • Do the RV Sites have a boat dock near them?


    Yes! All three of our RV areas (Reservable, Non-Reservable and Equestrian) all have boat slips. Boat slips are $7 per day and may be purchased at the Information Booth.

  • How soon should I park my vehicle for Fourth of July, Memorial Day and/or Labor Day?


    As with most parks, the three holidays above are our busiest times of the year. It is recommended that people place a reservation for a spot as soon as possible. If a person cannot / doesn’t place a reservation and will be bringing their rig to our non-reservable section, it is recommended that they have their units on site and paid for no later than the Wednesday prior to these weekends. After Wednesdays, nearly all of our sites will be booked.

  • Do I need to have something on my site to be able to purchase it at the Main RV Campground?


    Your call! Our previous policy dictated that one needed to have a tent, RV, vehicle, licensed trailer or vessel to occupy and purchase a site at the Main RV Campground. As of 4/1/2021, we now only require guests to pay for their site at the Information Booth and retrieve a ‘PAID-RV’ tag for their site. Be sure to check with the Information Booth and pay before setting up your site, to confirm availability.

  • No refunds will be issued for unused sites; if you pay for a site and prevent other guests from using it, the park will retain those funds. Please plan accordingly and only purchase sites you know for certain you, your friends and/or family will use.
  • I found a better site and I want to change sites. Am I able to do that?


    Yes, though please keep us in the loop on your move and following the following steps. First, remove the site marker on your post; do not throw this away, as you will need to turn this into the Information Booth. Second, move your vehicle or sleeping unit to the site you want. Third, shortly after getting moved, visit the Information Booth and let them know that you have changed sites. They will update their records and issue you a new site marker. And finally, place your newer site marker on your post.

  • Guests may not switch sites after hours; these changes MUST be communicated with the Information Booth.
  • How many cars am I able to have at one site?


    Each site varies in size, though, as a rule of thumb, do not plan for any more than two vehicles to be at your site at any given time in addition to your recreational vehicle. Parking is limited and vehicles are only allowed on the gravel and cement areas associated with your site. Cars may not park on the grass.

  • Is there a fee for using your dump station?


    Dump station fees are included the daily rate for our sites. Guests who are just stopping by for the sake of dumping will need to pay a Dump Fee of $5.00.

For additional information please contact us for assistance.