Answers to your questions

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions below for your convenience. Please contact us if you have further questions.

  • What is the earliest and latest one can reserve a cabin?


    Cabins can be reserved as early as one year in advance to your date of arrival. For example, if you looking to reserve for August 28, 2017 through August 30th, 2017, you may reserve it as early as August 28, 2016.

    Due to the popularity and limited availability of our cabins, it is highly recommended that one place a reservation for the cabins for phone or online to assure one is available to you. If any are available and ready to go the day of, reservations may be made as late as 3:00pm that day.

  • Are pets allowed at the cabins?


    Unfortunately pets are not allowed anywhere inside or on the units at the Family Cabins. This applies to both guests residing in the cabins and individuals visiting the cabins for the day. This is to assure that our cabins remain hypoallergenic for all cabin guests, amongst multiple other reasons related to maintenance and housekeeping.

    If we suspect or witness cabin guests bringing pets to the cabins, the deposit for the cabin will not be returned. Also, guests may be asked to take their pets off premises (to a kennel or trusted party) or vacate the cabins.

    Pets are, however, allowed in all other areas of the park as long as they are on a leash (exceeding no more than six feet) or kenneled at their respective camping site.

  • What time is check-in?


    Check in for the Family Cabins is 3:00pm. Cabin guests may proceed to their respective cabin(s) after this time. Early check in will not be available during the Peak Season and rarely available during the Non-Peak Season, so please plan accordingly.

  • What time is check-out?


    Check out for the Family Cabins before 12:00pm. Late checkout is not available at anytime.

  • Could we use the cabins for just the middle part of the day?


    The cabins are intended for overnight use only by families and non-organized groups. If one only intends to use the cabin for a portion of the day, they will need to reserve the night before to assure daytime use (prior to 12pm); reserve the day of for evening use (after 3pm); or both the for the use of the cabin for a full day.

    Cabins may not be used for weddings, parties or other events that may result in overcrowding of the cabins or excessive noise.

  • Can we set up a tent around the cabins, or park our RV in the parking lot?


    No additional persons will be allowed to occupy the property at or around the family cabins in RVs, tents, sleeping trailers, etc, and must use areas designated for such units at Mozingo Park Recreation Park. Any units that are spotted in the cabin areas will be asked to move to an appropriate camping area or vacate the property.

  • How many can each cabin fit?


    Each cabin has it’s own bed arrangements and capacity. A listing of each cabin capacity is located below. Please note that at no time may any cabin have more than the max capacity within or on the unit. If you are planning for a gathering that will exceed these limits, please consider renting a shelter or the multipurpose building.

    • The one-bedroom units (without a loft) will accommodate up to four (4) people. (Cabins 6)
    • The one-bedroom units (with a loft) will accommodate up to six (6) people. (Cabin 1, 2, 3)
    • The two-bedroom (one bath) unit will accommodate up to ten (10) people. (Cabin 4)
    • The two-bedroom (two baths) unit will accommodate up to twelve (12) people. (Cabins 5 and 7)
  • Can we host an event at the cabins or on the grounds surrounding it?


    The family cabins are intended for overnight use by families and non-organized groups. Also, the grounds surrounding the cabins are shared with neighboring units, as well as the reservable RV park adjacent to the cabins. With this in mind, events such as weddings and large family reunions are not allowed, even when all cabins are reserved by the same party.

    Rule of thumb, if the event will have no more individuals than the cabins is able to fit (i.e. small birthday party, bridal shower, etc), it is more than welcomes at your respective unit.

    Large events and gatherings are restricted to the Shelters and Youth Camp Facilities.

  • So all of the cabins have lake views, right?


    Yes they do! Cabins 1-5 and Cabin 7 are approximately 100 feet from the lake and offer great views. Cabin 6 is the furthest away from the lake, however it can be viewed from both the front and back porches. No matter which cabin you stay in, you will be able to see and have access to the lake.

  • My son accidentally broke a glass. Will I lose my deposit?

    When items for the cabins are reported damaged or missing after your stay, our staff will assess each issue respectively and withhold a certain percentage of the deposit to assure a resource’s replacement or repair. If it is a smaller, easy to replace item, such as a glass or pillow, rest assured the amount withheld from the deposit will be minimal. Large scale damages, obvious thefts, and/or policy violations may result in a majority or all of the deposit being lost.

  • What are the furnishings within the cabins?

    All cabins are furnished with towels, bed linens, blankets, kitchen utensils, coffee makers and cooking accessories. Each cabin contains at least one restroom (with showers), a kitchen (with stove, microwave and refrigerator), a fireplace and an arrangement of single and double beds to accommodate each cabin’s max capacity. A full listing of amenities can be found on the Cabins page of our website, but in general: all you need to bring is your family, your friends, your food and some towels for the beach.

  • Where do I drop off the keys for check out?

    You don’t! We make checkout simple for all of our guest. Just leave the keys hanging on the hooks inside of the cabin by the door, and lock the cabin behind you. It’s as simple as that!

  • What is your cancellation policy?


    • 60 DAYS OR MORE PRIOR TO RENTAL DATE: If the reservation is cancelled sixty (60) or more days prior to the first rental date, the entire reservation deposit and the entire cleaning/damage deposit shall be refunded.
    • 59 DAYS TO 15 DAYS PRIOR TO RENTAL DATE: Full refund of the reservation deposit less a twenty-five percent (25%) cancellation fee up to a maximum of one hundred dollars ($100.00). The entire damage/cleaning deposit is refunded.
    • 14 DAYS OR FEWER PRIOR TO RENTAL DATE: No refund of any portion of the reservation deposit. The entire damage/cleaning deposit is refunded.
  • I did not receive my confirmation. Who do I speak to to receive another?


    Contact us and we’d be happy to send you another at our earliest convenience. Please note that confirmations will only be sent to the individual who set up the reservation.

  • When do we receive our deposits back for the cabins?


    After check out, housekeeping will inventory, clean and review all cabins and report any violations or damages to our park’s reservationist. As long as all cabins are in good condition and equipped with the same amenities upon checkout, one can expect 100% of their deposit to be returned to them within 0-10 business days.

    If any damages or policy violations are noted, we will let you know.

  • Can we smoke inside of the cabins?

  • No. No smoking is allowed anywhere within the cabins. Smoking may be done outside, around the unit, though please assure cigarette butts are extinguished and disposed of properly. Violation of this provision authorizes immediate eviction of the entire rental party without refund and all or a portion of the damage/cleaning deposit may be retained if additional cleaning or repairs of actual damages are necessary to return the unit and/or area to its original condition.
  • What do we need to do prior to checkout?


    Here is what we expect of our cabin guests…

      • Dishes/cookware:  The unit is furnished for normal housekeeping with dishes, glassware, silverware, and cookware.  All items are to be left clean and returned to the appropriate units.  Please do not leave any dishes in the sink/dishwasher (dirty or clean) nor return any items to the units wet.
      • Kitchen: Please clean the range top, oven, microwave and refrigerator so they are in the same condition as at check-in.  Wipe all counters and other areas as needed.
      • Garbage: Place all garbage in securely tied bags and place them in the dumpsters.
      • Floors/Porches: If excessive dirt or leaves are present, please broom sweep.
      • Thermostat: Set appropriately for the season and weather conditions.
      • Windows/Doors:  All to be securely locked.
      • Appliances: Check all appliances to ensure they are turned off after use.
      • Linens: Linens are provided for convenience – sheets, towels, blankets and etc. These items do not need to be washed upon check-out.  Please do not take any of the linens outside of the unit.

    Housekeeping will take care of the more detailed cleaning for the cabin, such as sanitizing bathrooms, sweeping the floors, cleaning sheets, and so on.

  • When is payment due for the cabins?


    Payment is due at the time the reservation is placed. Only major credit cards (Visa, Discover or MasterCard) will be accepted online. Otherwise, guests may stop by the park Monday-Friday (during normal business hours) to reserve a cabin and pay with cash, check or gift card.

    Please note that with cash or checks, deposits and any refunds will be sent by check to the renter within 0-15 business days. For speedier deposit returns and refunds, it is recommended one pay by credit card.

For additional information please contact us for assistance.