Answers to your questions

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions below for your convenience. Please contact us if you have further questions.

  • Are the facilities just for youth based groups?


    No! The Youth Camp facilities may be reserved for non-profit groups, family groups and social groups as well. Please note, however, that youth group reservations do have priority over the grounds. Reservations are not guaranteed for non-profit grounds, family groups or social groups until 30 days in advance.

  • Can we host a wedding at the Group Camp?


    Yes! The grounds and multipurpose building may be reserved for wedding. Though please know alcohol and tobacco are not allowed on the premises; and youth camps will have priority booking for the grounds until 30 days in advance.

  • Can we reserve MOERA for our group as well?


    Yes, however you will want to contact MOERA directly to verify availability and pricing. They are a university based program that runs on a separate reservation system from ours.

  • When is payment due when we reserve for the Group Camp.


    All facilities must be paid for 30 days in advance to your date of arrival.

  • Do the cabins have air conditioning and/or heat?


    Yes! Our cabins are heated and cooled to accommodate groups all year round.

  • How many people does each cabin sleep?


    Cabins 1-4 sleep up to 12 individuals. These cabins consist of 4 sets of bunk beds on the lower level; and four individual beds in the loft area. Cabin 5 can sleep up to 16 individuals, and consist of 8 sets of bunk beds.

  • Can we tent camp around the group cabins?



  • How many people can the Multipurpose Building Hold?


    The Multipurpose Building can seat up to 100 individuals; and can hold up to 145 max.

  • If we reserve just one area of the Group Camp, do we have control of the entire area?


    No. If two groups can utilize the area without conflicting with one another, a zone may be rented out to a separate group. To assure full control of the grounds, you will want to arrange for grounds exclusivity with our Recreation Coordinator when you place your reservation.

    Rule of thumb- if you are reserving the multipurpose building along with all cabins, the camp will be reserved exclusively for your group. All other reservations will be assessed for one’s level of exclusivity.

  • How is the Group Camp zoned?


    • Zone One is considered the primitive tent camping area. This area consist of all resources east of the shelter, which includes the large fire ring with bench seating, 5 smaller fire rings, parking adjacent to the shelter. The use of the shelter is included into Zone One.
    • Zone Two is considered the Cabin Area. This area consists of all resources west of the shelter and east of the multipurpose building. This area consists of a large playing field; one large fire ring with benches, a five youth cabins and a shower house. The use of the shelter is not included into Zone Two.
    • Zone Three is the Multipurpose Building and associated parking.

For additional information please contact us for assistance.